How it works

The Magic Planet platform delivers proven, quantifiable benefits in learning. We sell the platform as a $6.50 per-student subscription to our software and the world’s largest content library. With a minimum commitment of 500 students for two years, we include Magic Planet hardware at no additional charge. As long as you keep the subscription active, every few years we’ll replace the hardware. This way, you’re assured of getting the best educational outcomes possible.





Pedestal System




Pedestal System



Subscription Pricing

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum District1

Billed annually.


Billed annually.


Billed annually.


Billed annually.


Billed annually.

Included licenses2 up to 500 up to 1000 up to 1000 up to 1000 unlimited
Magic Planet included

24" tabletop
(16" globe optional)

24" pedestal

30" pedestal

39" pedestal5

24" tabletop
(16" globe optional)
Magic Planet upgrade ~ every 4 years ~ every 4 years ~ every 4 years ~ every 4 years ~ every 4 years
Minimum commitment 2 yrs 4 yrs 4 yrs 4 yrs 2 yrs
Additional students $6.50 ea $6.50 ea $6.25 ea $6.00 ea n/a
Included devices3 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited 10
Use in library, lobby, etc. 4 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited


Pricing only applies to US & Canada.

1This option is designed for districts that want to share units among schools, without counting students.

2 “Included licenses” are all students actively using our software in classrooms.

3 This is the number of computers, tablets, etc. the software may be on. Devices aren’t provided with the subscription. Additional devices are $390 ea.

4 When not in the classroom, use the Magic Planet in your library or lobby for enrichment. Everybody can use the exhibits and watch the movies.

5 A 39” globe doesn’t fit through standard classroom doors.


Pricing FAQs

What happens if I end the subscription?

If you decide to end the subscription after the commitment period, simply return the hardware and uninstall the software.

When are the payments made?

At the start of each subscription year. We also offer multi-year payment options.

What else will I need?

You’ll need to provide a computer, or you can buy one from us with all the software installed and about 200+ GB of content on it. If you want to use the Magic Planet in a library or lobby, where people will be unsupervised, then you may want to purchase a touch-screen. It’s just as you might see in museums, for your “walk-up visitors.”

Why would I buy a District subscription instead of Bronze?

With a District subscription, you can share the Magic Planet platform around a district that may have many more than 500 students.


Can I purchase the hardware, e.g. with grant funding?

Pay for four years of subscription up front, and you keep the hardware. The typical life of Magic Planet hardware is longer than four years, and financing is available, so this is a great option.

With a subscription for 1,000 students, can we get two tabletops instead of one pedestal?

Yes-- and it’s still just a two year commitment.

What if we have fewer than 500 students?

Educational institutions with fewer than 500 students may order any one of the subscriptions to receive the free hardware. The Magic Planet is well worth the investment-- even for small schools.

My school isn’t in the US or Canada. Can I still use the annual subscription pricing?

You can prepay for four years of subscription and keep the hardware. We hope to offer the annual payment option in additional countries soon.