The Magic Planet® can help students in every grade learn more effectively, and it can help across all subjects where children learn about our world. It can help from Kindergarten where children are learning the basics of the location of oceans and land masses, the world and countries, the weather, and the origin of everyday objects, all the way to the final high school years where they're learning the intricacies of global economics and history, the nuances of ecosystems and biodiversity, or the global impacts of current events - both natural and "man-made.”

Current Events

Events as they happen, including weather, seismic, and other natural events, global transportation, world news, social media and more - from live weather to global activism


Earth's dynamic systems of all sorts, including plate tectonics, climate, ecosystems and more - from the basics of the seasons, to the complexities of biodiversity.


The global economy, including trade, political economics, resource allocation, inequality and more - from the origin of everyday products to the nuances of the global supply chain


Everything about global geography - from the basics of understanding maps and globes to systematic investigation of human geography

Global Cultures

Global culture in all its forms, including religion, language, art, architecture and more - from everyday life around the world, to the influence of religion on art across the globe.


Political systems around the world, including origins, distribution and progression over time - from "different rules in different countries" to the global impacts of emerging nations

The Modern World

The study of modern societies, including education, environment, health, energy, military and more - from the importance of reading to the spread of infectious disease

Planets & Space

The universe, and Earth's place within it, including the past, present and future of planets, the sun, stars, galaxies, and beyond - from solar system basics to astrophysics.

World History

World history, including the spread of civilizations, global conflicts, exploration, and more - from family origins to the geopolitical consequences of the cold war.