AnnaLisa Cochran

6th Grade World History teacher


Thanks to NASA for providing the [Magic Planet] interactive globe, an innovative and engaging way of teaching young people about our world.

—President Barack Obama, “Educate to Innovate” Campaign

This equipment is the best for the money. When we got Magic Planet, Mayo was the only school in the world that had it; but within two weeks, we had other schools contacting us.

—Bob Snyder, Instructional Technologist, Rochester School District

The Magic Planet has enabled our teachers to show relationships and concepts to students in a way that a textbook or even a video cannot do. The students have a deeper understanding of spatial concepts and are learning animation and programming and not realizing it because it is fun!

—Monique Wilson, STEM Coordinator

I just want to start off and say that our Magic Planet has been an awesome addition to our education department. Both our veteran and new incoming staff love it because it is so easy to set up, use, and the programs are perfect for what we use it for, like outreaches and quick on-site demos...We have done presentations for both Orange and Seminole county public school districts and when the science lead teachers see it their jaws hit the floor.

—Michael Duggan, Outreach Coordinator, Orlando Science Center

We are very happy with the Magic Planet. It is truly a charming exhibit. The thoughtful and elegant presentation possibilities are perfectly designed for people who want to find out about our planet, solar system, climate and nature phenomena – our guests and us. An impressive way of offering information and entertainment at the same time.

—Svantje Schumann, Science House

The Magic Planet has been a great success. I am still finding new ways to use [it] which has proven to be a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

—Damian Lynch, Dynamic Earth Enterprises Ltd

The Magic Planet is amazing. It captivates the senses.

—Nate Lesiuk, program developer for OMSI’s Earth From Space program

With the Magic Planet as a resource, teachers are creating more creative and exciting lessons. Students get really excited when they enter the classroom and see the “big blue boxes” because they know class is going to be extra fun.

—Monique Wilson, STEM Coordinator

The Magic Planet has been an amazing education tool for us. Students in the classroom now pay way more attention to my talks then they ever did when I was just using PPT slides! Now the science team wants a piece of the action, and it’s actually recently been to a science conference where they displayed some of their data. It has been a big hit!

—M. Alexandra Matiella Novak, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

The Magic Planet has been a wonderful addition our programs here at the MathScience Innovation Center. We use the Planet to teach a classroom lesson entitled “Planet Trek: The Solar System Experience” for 6th graders. We have taught the lesson in 40 different middle schools in the Richmond, VA metro area during 2012. It has become one of our most requested lessons.

—Math Science Innovation Center