Exhibit Development and Content Partners

Effect Design Inc

The diverse staff at EffectDesign, Inc. creates story-based immersive environments to communicate in three dimensions. The company is directed by former Disney Imagineer and 30-year media industry veteran Geoff Puckett. EffectDesign produces projects through story development, concept visualization, computer graphic/film production and projection systems. Their in-house project management group handles complete implementation of everything they produce. Industries using their services include museums, exhibition, architecture, entertainment, resorts/leisure, special events, retail/marketing, property development and corporate communications. ““www.effectsf.com”

Golden Multimedia Interactive Design Studios

Golden Multimedia specializes in serving educational institutions, non-profit organizations and small businesses who deserve outstanding interactive design work.

From Interactive Museum Exhibits to Video Editing, from Digital Sound Recording to Custom Audio/Video and Web Design – Golden Multimedia is able to provide start to finish interactive services at the highest quality levels. www.goldenmultimedia.com

Harvest Moon Studios

Since 1992, Harvest Moon Studio has used an array of changing technologies to tell meaningful stories and create memorable experiences—via the web, interactive kiosks, and exhibits. They partner closely with their clients, and listen closely to the intended audience, to create fun, kid-friendly, engaging media. At Harvest Moon Studio they work long and hard to make your message shine through. www.harvestmoonstudio.com


Ideum specializes in providing media services to museums, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and socially responsible companies. They have a wide range of experience, expertise and backgrounds in visual and graphic design, multimedia, programming, writing and education.

Earth, Moon, Mars, and Beyond features NASA’s major initiatives of exploration and science. Ideum worked closely with NASA’s Office of Public Affairs to design and develop this project.

The exhibit runs on a touch-screen display and it powers a second Global Imagination Magic Planet™ Display which shows spherical images and plays animations of the Earth, the Moon, and other planets and moons.

NASA uses the Earth, Moon, Mars, and Beyond exhibit for air shows, conferences and other events. The exhibit was developed in Macromedia Flash. Ideum devised an external content structure allowing NASA personnel to easily update exhibit information. To read more about this project, please go to www.ideum.com.

Global Visions & Associates, Inc

Global Visons and Engine Room create a powerful team to bring stories to life on the Magic Planet. Global Visions has a reputation for international production and has put camera crews in more than 30 countries. They have an understanding of global issues and have interviewed a variety of high profile personalities. Engine Room is post production with attitude, creativity and expertise. They have demonstrated the ability to make images dance on the Magic Planet while not losing site of the story to be told. Creating stories with impact is the unique synergy of this dynamic team.
www.globalviz.com – www.engineroomedit.com

NanE Design Corp. Ltd

NanE Design Corp. Ltd. is led by a team of professional veterans in the virtual reality (VR) industry. The team members are specialized in several different fields including the design, planning and construction of museum displays, children’s vocational experience facilities, 3D/4D theaters, motion freedom simulation platforms and the production of interactive multi-media content. NanE’s customers range from museums and theme parks to exhibition halls all across Taiwan. NanE has recently begun seeding their business in China, marking another milestone in the history of successful development.
With years of professional experiences in the management and planning of museum displays and multimedia development, NanE not only has the capability of providing multiple proposals in the planning stage, but also boasts vertical resource sharing from domestic and international products under the company’s agency. With NaneE’s diversified development strategies, it aims to become the complete and ultimate service provider for recreational and educational applications. With the future in view, core values like technology and innovation, and customer-oriented management policy will remain a firm objective for NanE. www.nane-design.com.tw


Tukom is short for Telemetrie und Kommunikation GmbH. Our company was founded in September 2006 and focuses on selling technical products and services in the Aerospace and Simulation Market. The founders of the company have more than 25 years of experience in selling complex technical systems and have an in-depth knowledge in our markets and technological developments.The manufacturers of the products tukom represents are mainly from the US and are the most renowned and leading companies in their respective areas in the United States. The tukom motto: “You have reached your destination!” stems out of the world of navigation and describes our commitment to enable your success in the fastest and most direct way. www.tukom.de

tukom – unser Logo – ist die Kurzform von Telemetrie und Kommunikation GmbH.
Die Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie, die Verteidigungsindustrie sowie Regierungsorganisationen beziehen von uns technische Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Komplettlösungen für Telemetrie- und Kommunikationsaufgaben.
In diesem Umfeld fühlen wir uns zu Hause. Mehr als 40 Jahre Erfahrung in der Beschaffung, dem Vertrieb und der Anwendung von komplexen technischen Systemen sind die Basis für eine zielorientierte und umfassende Beratung.
Sogar über das umseitig aufgeführte Portfolio hinaus können Sie punktgenaue Problemlösungen von uns erwarten.
Die Hersteller, die wir repräsentieren, kommen aus der EU und den USA und gehören zu den renommiertesten Unternehmen in ihrem jeweiligen Bereich.
Das tukom Motto: “Sie haben Ihr Ziel erreicht !” kennen Sie aus der Welt der Navigationssysteme. Für uns beinhaltet es die Verpflichtung, Ihnen auf dem direkten Weg zum Erfolg zu verhelfen. www.tukom.de


BVK interaktif egitim teknolojileri sunmaktadır. Gelecegin bilimadamlarinin yetistirilmesine ilham veren ve ogrencilerin pozitif bilimlere olan ilgilerini, meraklarını arttiran Sihirli Kure ile eğitime yepyeni bir bakis sunmakta olan BVK, egitim kurumlarinin stratejik isortagi olmayi hedeflemektedir. Egitim sektoru yanisira farkli pazarlama aktivitelerinde de tercih edilmekte olan Sihirli Kure’ye iliskin ozgun projeler icin bizi arayin.