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Save time teaching and achieve better classroom results

The Magic Planet helps you teach introductory undergraduate college courses more effectively, including earth and space science, geography, oceanography, geology, virtual reality (VR), and more. We have all the content you need to get started. The Magic Planet is also great for postgraduate courses, with state-of-the-art content available from leading research institutions.

Wrap the K in K-12 outreach

The Magic Planet is proven to engage younger students, and get them excited about the possibilities of a STEM or global studies career. Every student in every grade learns about the world. Make their global education come to life with the aid of the Magic Planet.


Demonstrate your research in the most compelling way possible

Use the Magic Planet to visualize your research and share it with others, locally or at events around the world. We've developed intuitive content creation tools that help you put your content on the Magic Planet quickly and easily.

Use the Magic Planet for recruiting and development

The Magic Planet provides that extra “wow factor” to impress both prospective students and potential donors. Its spherical screen is a dazzling display that’s sure to engage and make a lasting impression.


Using it to display your research

The Magic Planet is a great way for visitors to explore our research efforts and to gain an understanding of how our research is used in the real world. From elementary school students to senior citizens, the Magic Planet presentations we’ve created about satellites and the atmosphere provide a great learning experience, making difficult scientific topics easy to understand. When we travel to science conferences and workshops, the Magic Planet always makes our booth one of the most popular. These events epitomize The Wisconsin Idea, by bridging the gap between universities and the general public. The Magic Planet is outreach made easy, helping us inspire future scientists.
Rick Kohrs
Space Science and Engineering Center
University of Wisconsin - Madison



The Magic Planet has been an amazing education tool for us. I’ve been to classrooms dozens of times with it, and we consistently get very positive reviews. Students in the classroom pay way more attention to my talks then they ever did when I was just using PPT slides. Now the science team wants a piece of the action, and it’s actually recently been to a science conference where they displayed some of their data. It has been a big hit!
M. Alexandra Matiella Novak, Ph.D
Education and Outreach Specialist
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory


Students and teachers love it

Cool and instructive.
Nina Kirchner
Stockholm University

Science is now my favorite subject.


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