Magic Planets come in seven sizes, with globes from 16" to 6' (40 cm to 1.8 m) in diameter. Our portable and pedestal systems, ranging from 16” to 39” (40 cm – 1 m), are ideal for school classrooms and libraries. They’re included when you subscribe to our software and content library. Our larger sizes offer an incomparable wow factor for any type of global exhibition! Regardless of size, Magic Planets are proven to increase comprehension and engagement across a wide range of subjects. Simply put, they help people learn about our world more effectively.

Portable Systems

The Magic Planet portable fits on a desktop, and offers the choice of two globe sizes: 16” (40 cm) diameter or 24” (60 cm) diameter. It’s easy to pack up and bring between classrooms, or even between schools in a district. A 16” globe is ideal for smaller locations where the kids will be up close, while the 24” system suits most classrooms or libraries.

Pedestal Systems

Bigger. Brighter. The Magic Planet pedestal system is free standing and offers the choice of three globe sizes: 24” (60 cm), 30” (70 cm) and 39” (1 m). It’s ideal for brighter locations and larger rooms. You can roll it around the school campus with ease, so it can be in the classroom for lessons or in the library for enrichment at other times. It delivers value all day every day.

Library Packages

With the Library Package, your students can go on amazing filed trips to see premiere museum exhibits without ever leaving the library! It’s a plug-and-play package that creates your own “mini-museum-exhibit” – to run any of the numerous museum exhibits or IMAX-like movies available for the Magic Planet. The Library Package comes with everything you need to complement your Magic Planet: a computer pre-loaded with museum exhibits, movies and all the software; as well as either: a tabletop touchscreen that’s easily portable; or a rugged, free-standing kiosk that’s just what you’d find in a museum or science center

Want Even Bigger, Brighter, Better?

For video globes in larger sizes, with higher resolution or brightness, or in other configurations (for example, configurations where your fabricator can build a custom enclosure to suit the room aesthetics), please see our offerings for institutions. Our institutional offerings span a very broad range, up to the largest, highest resolution, brightest digital video globes available anywhere. Our software, Content library, add-on subscriptions work across all our systems so no matter the model or configuration, there are no limits to how you use your Magic Planet!

The Hero!

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