The Magic Planet® delivers value many different ways

  • Students will be up, active and engaged all around the Magic Planet learning collaboratively. It’s a great way to enthrall students with a topic!
  • Or use the Magic Planet at the front of the classroom – updating what’s displayed to match what you’re teaching. It’s easy and very effective!
  • Students can develop rich media projects for the Magic Planet to help cement their learning - individually or in groups.
  • Use the Magic Planet in the library for enrichment. It comes with dozens of exhibits and movies from major institutions like NASA, the American Museum of Natural History and many others, Your students can go on field trips to the best museums in the world – without ever leaving school!

The Magic Planet is easy to use

  • The Magic Planet is easy to use – especially for novices. It can update automatically during your lesson to help explain the material.
  • As you gain confidence, you can control the Magic Planet directly from an interactive whiteboard via your finger (or a mouse)
  • The Magic Planet includes an RF remote control, so you’re free to walk around and show each individual student what they need to see to understand.
  • Or you can control the Magic Planet from a tablet, such as an iPad - the Magic Planet matches both your teaching style and student learning styles, whatever they may be.

The Magic Planet is easy to incorporate into your lessons

  • We've aggregated the world’s largest library of global content, so there’s lots from which to choose.
  • Adding Magic Planet content to your lesson is easy – it’s point and click: show it on the Magic Planet; go to the corresponding slide in PowerPoint; and click “connect”. It works with IWB software too!
  • You’re not limited to the content we've created or collected – you can find lots more on the Internet with simple image search. The choices are as boundless as your imagination.
  • If you want to create your own media for the Magic Planet, use your favorite drawing or animation tool – it’s easy. For “professional spherical movie making” we have a plug-in for After Effects.

The Magic Planet delivers proven results

  • In a study of 1400 students for a year, the Magic Planet increased comprehension by an average of 16% across a broad range of topics.
  • The Magic Planet also significantly increased: class participation; collaboration on projects; desire to learn geography; and more.
  • The Magic Planet is ideal for helping with the challenges of moving to new standards – there’s a tremendous breadth of content that’s fits new approaches perfectly.