Share Your VR Experience

Global Imagination’s Magic Planet VR Sphere is an exciting new way to create a shared public experience for 360⁰ content – it presents Virtual Reality (VR) media in group settings without the need for goggles. The VR Sphere is a spherical display with all the software you need to present your VR content as a compelling, touch-interactive, 360⁰ encounter.

Regardless of whether you use the VR Sphere for:

  • VR branding or ads in lobbies, in show rooms, at trade shows or events;
  • point-of-sale marketing of VR experiences, equipment or content;
  • live-streaming of VR events in an entertainment venue;
  • formal and informal education in classroom or museum environments;
  • “transporting” visitors to remote locations using VR virtual tours;
  • or any number of other applications,

the VR Sphere will engage and connect both interested parties and people merely passing by with your compelling VR experience.


The VR Sphere is also an excellent tool for creating VR content. When producing 360⁰ VR experiences, you either work with distorted, 2D rectangular media, which makes understanding the scenes difficult, or individually don goggles, which makes collaborative production difficult.

The VR Sphere's projector and lens eliminate the distortion of rectangular source video, and let 360⁰ content creators interact while viewing the entire landscape without goggles.

The VR sphere provides a complete 360⁰ visualization of the content all at once for everybody to see, so you can create a better user experience more effectively and efficiently than ever before.


virtual reality projection globe