GI Content



Global Imagination has aggregated the world’s largest collection of global content: images, animations, movies, museum exhibits, atlases and much more – spanning a huge array of topics, and a wide variety of school subjects. It’s content created by some of the most prestigious institutions in the world: NASA, NOAA, The World Bank, The Smithsonian; the California Science Center; the European Space Agency; UNESCO; and numerous others. Much of this content is free, and the collection keeps growing rapidly! Teachers aren’t limited to the content we’ve collected – there are literally thousands of images and animations available on the Internet. All of Global Imagination’s software uses the Internet standard for global imagery, so there’s almost an endless supply from which to choose. You can also use your favorite drawing, GIS or animation tool to create your own or to all labels, graphics and layers. Use what we’ve collected; find content on the Internet; or create your own quickly and easily – the choice is yours.