K-12 Education


The Magic Planet® Engages the Entire Class

K-12 students become tuned in and eager to learn when there’s a Magic Planet in the class. Rapt attention and interest is what teachers need to make their lessons successful. Students today want cool, interactive multimedia experiences that hold their attention – and that’s exactly what the Magic Planet delivers.


The Magic Planet Improves Comprehension by 16%

The Magic Planet makes concepts much easier to understand. Across a wide variety of subjects—world history, earth and space science, global culture, government, geography, and more—the Magic Planet is proven to enhance both student comprehension and test scores.


The Magic Planet Increases Class Participation

More active learners in the classroom yield better results. The Magic Planet not only sparks students’ imaginations, it also increases their participation in class and collaboration on group projects. Across elementary, middle and high school, the Magic Planet is able to foster active learning.


The Evolution of the Classroom Globe

The classroom is rapidly evolving from analog to digital. Chalkboards have evolved into interactive whiteboards, and textbooks are evolving into tablet computers. But the third classroom staple — the printed globe — hasn’t fundamentally changed in hundreds of years. Until now. The Magic Planet represents the natural evolution of the ubiquitous classroom globe.

Each year, over 40 million people in 39 countries see the Magic PlanetEdTech Digest

We live in a global society with complex opportunities and concerns. It's vital that today's students be equipped for global success. 65% of people are visual learners, and K-12 students are clearly digital natives – they’ve grown up with video games, smartphones, computers and tablets.


The Magic Planet combines the power of 3D multimedia visualization; the world’s largest library of global content; and a user interface designed and tested for teachers and students alike. It’s a scalable, proven platform that grabs the attention and taps the learning strengths of each student in the classroom.

65% of people are visual learnersSocial Science Research Network

Global topics span the entire K-12 curriculum. Wherever children learn about our world, there's a place for the Magic Planet.
With its proven ability to significantly improve comprehension, the Magic Planet more effectively prepares students for future success and helps turn them into enthusiastic lifelong global learners.